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Silver City Tasting Room

Seven days a week
Noon-11:00 pm
open later on weekends

Las Cruces Tasting Room

Monday-Thursday 3:00 pm-11:00 pm
Friday 3:00 pm-1:00 am
Saturday 11:00 am-1:00 am

Sunday noon-11:00 pm

Our Beer

We brew in the classic style. No gimmicks, no tricks, just beer the way it's meant to taste. New Mexico craft beers are some of the best on the market and Little Toad Creek Brewery and Distillery is moving up - at the pub we offer a rotating selection including Blonde Ale, Amber Ale, Pale Ale, NM Brown, and Porter, with seasonal offerings available as limited release. We proudly offer craft beers from other parts of New Mexico - ask about our Guest Tap Offerings.

Our Spirits

Our hand-built copper still produces small batches of craft spirits. The first Micro-Distillery in southwest New Mexico, Little Toad Creek hand crafts vodka, rum, whiskey and a variety of liqueurs. Our Green Chili Vodka makes the world's best bloody Mary. The Spiced Rum, with its house blend of spices is perfect for a Tropical Cocktail. Our Distiller's favorite is the aged whiskey, Sapo Grande! So, ask about availability of the Sapo Grande, it sells out fast!

Specialty Cocktails

If you knew the ingredients in our house-made mixers you would dare to call our specialty cocktails healthy! No high-fructose corn syrup for you … try a few!
Wild Rita - Jalapeno Rita - The Toad House Bloody Mary - Lemon Drop Martini - Lavender Lemon Drop Martini - Chocolate Martini.

New Mexico Wines

The first grapevines planted in what is now the state of New Mexico were brought in 1629 to Senecu, a Piro Indian pueblo south of Socorro, by Fray Gracia de Zuniga, a Franciscan, and Antonio de Arteaga, a Capuchin monk. The cuttings brought by the missionaries were a variety of Vitis vinifera, commonly called the "mission grape." This variety is still grown in New Mexico today. Historians think it is a European variety from Spain, called Monica. The tradition of wine making is strong throughout the state and we bring you a variety of wines from the different regions.

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